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DIY Water Filter System – Homemade Way to Keep Family Healthy

Water filters are very popular among households and in the workplace. Many people prefer drinking filtered water rather than bottled or tap water due to it being toxin free. However, purchasing a water filtration kit is not the only way to access pure water. It is possible to make an efficient DIY (Do It Yourself) water filter at home, which would also be a less expensive option to buying one. Biosand filter, Solar water disinfection, Hillbilly DIY water filter, and Berkey filter are all methods of obtaining clean water without the use of a machine. 

Biosand Water Filter

Biosand Water Filter

Biosand Water Filter

There may be times when there is no access to filtered water. A Biosand Filter is an alternative option to a filter that provides pure water and which can be self-made. It consists of a plastic container that is filled with layers of particular sand and gravel, which filters out all the contaminants. There are five components to the Biosand filter: lid, diffuser, filtration sand layer, outlet tube, filter body, separating gravel layer, and a drainage gravel level. The lid works by preventing contaminants and metals getting in. The diffuser protects the biolayer and the sand layer when the water is being poured. The filtration sand layer gets rid of solids and other particles from the water. The outlet tube conducts the water from the base to the outside of the filtration system. The filter body protects the sand and gravel layers. The separating gravel level prevents the sand from going into the drainage layer and outlet tube. Finally the drainage gravel layer helps the water to flow into the outlet tube.

Solar Water Filter

A solar water filter works with the help of sunlight. It is simple to make and requires only a few steps to complete the process. Fill a large bowl with water, add a few tablespoons of salt and stir until the salt dissolves. Next, place a small glass inside the middle of the bowl. Finally, cover the pan with a wrap and put a little weight on the wrap where the small glass is located inside the bowl. Then, the container should be placed in direct sunlight and left for a few hours or up to one day. After this procedure, there will be clean, pure H2O in the small glass cup.

This water filter works by the sun warming up the water inside the bowl until it evaporates and becomes a gas. After the gas touches the plastic, it forms into droplets, which roll down towards the weight and into the glass. Solar water disinfection is also popular in developing countries, The World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF, and the Red Cross have recommended this option.

Hillbilly DIY Water Filter

The Hillbilly water filter is another option for making your own water filter. Humans can only survive for 2-3 days without water, so this technique is useful when there is no clean water available. This method of obtaining safe drinking water is suitable for emergency situations. To make a Hillbilly filter, you need an empty water bottle with the bottom cut off. Then, you need to turn the bottle upside down and add a layer of charcoal. After adding charcoal, place a layer of sand and some rocks on top of the charcoal. After the filter is made, pour the water over the top, the first few glasses will rinse out the contaminants.  For more information on how to build a HillBilly water filter, please check out this video.

Big Berkey DIY Water Filter

Big Berkey DIY Water Filter

Big Berkey DIY Water Filter

The Big Berkey water filter is also an efficient way to obtain clean water. To make this filter, you will need ceramic mini filters, food grade buckets, a spigot, and a drill. The process involves drilling a ½ in the center of the top bucket and the lid of the bottom bucket. After this, the neck of the filter needs to be put in the top bucket and the bottom bucket’s lid. When this is done, hand tighten them. Finally, drill a ¾ hole from the bottom of the bottom bucket, mount the spigot and the filter is then ready to use. of course if you want to save time you can always buy the best countertop gravity stystem in the market.

This video will show you in detail how to build a Big Berkey water filter.

DIY Water Filter Facts

  • In laboratory studies, the Biosand water has shown a successful 98-99% removal of bacteria, 64% removal of iron, and 85-95% removal of viruses, reaching 99% after 150 days.
  • The solar filter has proven to reduce viruses and bacteria found in water that causes diarrhea ranging from 9% to 86%. (R). This method is used by people all over the world, especially in the countries where there is a deficiency in safe drinking water.
  • The Hillbilly water filter provides safe drinking water with the least amount of materials needed and is suitable for survival modes, hiking and other outdoor pursuits.
  • Big Berkey is a good substitution for purchasing a water filter, it can be made at home, and the construction process only requires three simple steps.

Overall, water filters are not only beneficial for removing toxins and harmful substances from the water, but pure H2O, if consumed in sufficient quantities, improves the mood, alleviates fatigue, and aids digestion.

Water filters play a significant role in providing us with safe, contaminant free drinking water, which reduces the risk of multiple types of cancers as well as improving one's health. At times where there is no access to a water filter machine, making your own is a simple, yet efficient way to obtain safe drinking water. Biosand filter, solar distiller, Hillbilly, and Big Berkey are all DIY water filters that do not require complicated steps and procedures. Most importantly, access to clean water at all times reduces the chance of illness, poisoning and other harmful contaminants entering the body.

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