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How To Properly Size and Choose A Home Water Softener? Big or Small?

Water softeners vary by their sizes and capacities. One type of water softener may fit one family, but not the other. The water softener with a proper sizing will not run out of soft water will use the least amount of salt as possible. It is important to consider the number of people that live in the house, the amount of water consumed by each person daily, and the hardness of your water while picking the right water softener for your home. This information will help you to determine the daily grain removal capacity and the suggested size of a water softener.

Water hardness

This term indicates how much of magnesium and calcium is dissolved in the water system and is needed to pick the right water softener. Water hardness can range from soft to very hard, depending on the number of grains per gallon. here at purewaterfy we make recommended getting the biggest water softener for your needs.

The water hardness will be reported in GPG (grains per gallon) or mg/L (milligrams per liter). Mg/L can be converted to GPG by dividing it by 17.1. One “grain” of water hardness equals to 1/7000th of a pound.

The inside of the water softener

The inside of the water softener

Water hardness scale

Water hardness scale (R)

Depending on the location, the water hardness reports and information can be found in local water utilities or online. If iron is present in the water system, for every 1.0 ppm of iron, 3 GPG of hardness needs to be added to the total hardness value.

Water consumption

The use of water

The use of water

Another factor that plays a significant role in determination of the right water softener is water use. The most simple way of figuring out the water consumption is checking the water bill that shows the total amount used per given period. From this information, the daily consumption of water in the household can be calculated. The water consumption can also be calculated by multiplying the number of people residing in the house 75 gallons per day for homes less than 2,000 square feet and 150 gallons per day for larger living spaces. For example, the daily water consumption of 3 family members in a home less than 2,000 square feet equals to 3 x 75= 225 gallons a day.

Daily softening requirement

After calculating the daily water consumption and knowing the water hardness, the daily softening requirement can be calculated by multiplying the water hardness by the daily water consumption. For example with the water hardness of 7 grains per gallon and consumption of 225 gallons a day=7 x 225=the daily softening requirement will be 1,575 grains per day.

Grain capacity

Most of the water softeners regenerate once a week. Total grain volume can be calculated by multiplying the daily softening requirement by seven days. For example, 1,575 x 7 =11,025 grains of total hardness, meaning the water softener for this example needs to soften 11,025 of total hardness if it regenerates once per week. There are various water softeners with grain capacities range from 24,000 to 64,000 available in the market.

The following chart will help to identify how much the softening capacity is yielded by different quantities of resin to maximize salt efficiency:

different quantities of resin

Sizing a water softener depends on the number of people that live in the house, amount of water consumed daily by each, and the hardness of the water. It is important to size it correctly to to avoid running out of the soft water and use the least amount of salt as possible during the process. Water hardness is usually available online or at the local water utility centers and the water hardness level can range anywhere less than 1 grains per gallon of water to more than 10. The daily water consumption can be checked from the water bill or can also be estimated by a formula. After the daily water consumption per individual is calculated, the daily softening requirement for the water softener can be calculated. Finally, to determine the grain capacity of the machine, the daily softening requirement needs to be multiplied by 7, as usually water softeners regenerate once every week. For more information on water softeners and how to size one, please check these videos.

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