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Pure Water Mini Classic CT Water Distiller Review -I Would Read This!

Pure Water Mini Classic Distiller review is a distiller appliance that produces high-quality safe drinking water. With a width of 13.75” (35 cm) and a height of 15.75” (40 cm) it is compact, simple to fill, and easy to clean. 


How Do I Keep My Distiller Functioning Properly

My Distiller Functioning Properly

The distiller machine is manually filled and has a 3 liter capacity per 3 and ½ hour cycle. It is ideal for a family as well as for a single user. In addition to removing 99% of contaminants, the machine also eliminates VOC's and other gases from the H2O by using a carbon filter.

This water distillation kit requires no installation, can be easily moved around, allowing the user to enjoy pure water while traveling or camping. The pure distiller weighs 24 lbs (11kg) with a total wattage of 800 watts.

How It Works

The distiller  works by adding regular tap water into a boiling tank in the appliance. Then, the contaminated tap water is boiled by a heating element to produce steam. The produced steam then travels to the condensing coil leaving all the contaminants behind. Next, a fan within the distiller machine cools the steam and converts it into liquid: pure, clean H2O. A one-gallon glass storage container inside the water distillation kit will then hold the clean water, which can be dispensed through the pour-through lid. 

Extra Useful Tips

This water distiller is a high-quality product made with stainless steel, which requires minimum maintenance. The machine is air cooled and has an automatic timer that stops the machine after the completion of every cycle. It includes a removable boiling tank which is easily filled and cleaned. For the appliance to work efficiently, and to stay in good condition, the top of the machine should be free of any obstacles to allow proper air circulation. The Pure Water Mini Classic also includes purity vents to allow compounds and contaminants to escape easily. Finally, the product contains a stainless steel filter tray to avoid clean water coming into contact with plastic. 

Pure Water Mini Classic Distiller Review


  • All stainless steel parts have sustainable construction as well as a copper finned condenser tube. A great investment, as it will last a long time.
  • The machine's automatic switches are high quality and the product has thick power cable and a plug. Safety precaution cut-off switches avoid accidents and do not allow the machine overheat.
  • The quality of water is stable over time, free of contaminants, chemicals, microbes and has a good taste. Good choice for users that are looking for consuming safe drinking water on regular basis.
  • The distiller is easy to clean, move around, and take on trips.
  • The fan blows cold air in the distiller to prevent white noise while the machine is working.
  • The machine is quiet while operating, and good for overnight use.
  • Compact, does not take up a lot of counter space.
  • The product has a 15-year warranty.


  • Heavy appliance, gets dusty quickly.
  • The design of the machine could be improved, as it is difficult to match the device with the rest of the kitchen.
  • Quite a lengthy procedure for distilling water. Needs 3.5 hours to produce 3 liters of water. Difficult for big families.
  • The machine generates heat so is not ideal for summer when rooms need to be cool.
  • No display or indicator that lets the user know that the machine is currently running. This factor might be frustrating and confusing for new users who are not familiar with the water distillation process.
  • The boiler door only opens up to 90 degrees. Not comfortable for left-handed users due to the door getting in the way of putting the boiler back in the chamber
  • The machine uses a good amount of electricity, which can raise utility bills.
What Should I Look For In A Water Distiller

Distilled Water

Pure Water Classic Mini review is an electric water distillation appliance that provides stable high-quality drinking water. It has a long lasting construction and is easily maintained and cleaned. It is suited for home usage and provides safe water for one to two people or a small family. The distiller can also be used on trips and camping holidays. It does not require any prior installation and is compact.

The process of H2O distillation is quite suitable for overnight use due to its' automatic shut-off function, and produces 3 liters of water in 3.5 hours. For peace of mind, the Pure Water Classic Mini Counter-Top distiller has a 15-year warranty. Check out our other articles to see how this unit compares against the Best Water Distiller for Home We Reviews the Top Units in the industry.

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