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What is Alkaline Water and How Can it Benefit you?

Alkaline water is water that is less acidic than regular water. It is between 8-14 on the PH scale and contains alkalizing compounds such as calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Water with alkaline is known for its various benefits for human health, including speeding up the metabolism, helping the body to absorb nutrients, and many other benefits. Alkaline water is sold in bottles or can be produced by using an electric water ionizer filter. For additional information on alkaline water, please see this video.

The process of producing alkaline water

Alkaline water can be provided in different ways, depending on what appliance is used. Below is a description of production of this type of water using a filter machine.

Step 1

First, the water goes through a pre-one micro filter to remove various unwanted particles from the liquid, such as sand, rust, dirt, sediment and other un-dissolvable bits.

Alkaline water in bottles

Alkaline water in bottles

Step 2

Alkaline water in a glass

Alkaline water in a glass

After the particles are removed, the water travels through a particular combination of carbonate media that will remineralize and alkalize the water. It will also produce magnesium, natural calcium, potassium ions, which are 100% absorbable by the human body. These minerals are very beneficial for the human health. A lot of people who suffer from high or low blood pressure, migraines, heart diseases, and diabetes, are often deficient in these minerals. Other important activities occur in this stage of water ionization, including the prevention of reproduction of viruses and germs and helping the body to dispose of the toxins more efficiently.

Step 3

The water then travels through a mix of tourmaline ceramic balls and infrared, and white ceramic mineral balls. In this mixture, the ceramic and mineral balls are combined to release Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The combination causes resonance within the water molecules. The ionization of H2O into hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions at a very high speed are due to a particular movement of the water molecules. This process activates and ionizes water molecules in the blood and cells, improving overall health.

Ionizing water filter system procedure

Ionizing water filter system procedure

Alkaline water is a type of water that has a PH scale between 8-14 and has important health compounds such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Alkaline water can be produced with an electric water ionizer filter or sold in bottled versions. It is known for its health benefits for example, decreasing blood pressure, lowering high blood sugar levels, and helping the body to absorb nutrients. For additional information on alkaline water, see our blog post Best Water Ionizer Reviews – Top Rated Alkaline Water Makers Compared!

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