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What Is Distilled Water Used For? You Might be Surprised!

Water that has been gone through the process of distillation is considered to be one of the purest waters on the planet. H2O that has been vaporized is free of 99% of all impurities, such as heavy metals and chemicals that are found in the tap water. However, this safe drinking water is not only used for regular consumption, but also serves for medicinal purposes, cosmetics, biological experiments, and for maintaining car batteries. There are quick, easy ways to obtain distilled water for any of these purposes.

Distilled water and car batteries

Distilled Water And Car Batteries

Distilled Water And Car Batteries

Car batteries, such as golf car batteries, should be cleaned and washed weekly. Distilled water is preferred because it does not include any metals or minerals that would affect the quality of the cleaning process. In addition to cleaning, purified water is also used for cooling systems in automobiles. It is mixed 50/50 with the coolant; then poured into the cooling system. Moreover, the water keeps the bolt shiny and bright.

The purpose of distilled water in biology experiments

Distilled water is also used for biological experiments. It is commonly included in the process of observing osmosis, plasmolysis, and turgor in plant cells. After a layer of plant cells is placed on a microscope slide, distilled H2O is then added to the cells.

Distilled water is used during experiments because it will produce accurate results. Minerals, metals, and chemicals that are present in the other types of water react and contaminate other materials in the procedure.

Purified water in medical field

Purified H2O is also prevalent in the medical field. CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is used for treating obstructive sleep apnea. These appliances have built-in humidifiers for more effective treatment results. Distilled water is used for filling the humidifier as it is the most sterile and clean type of H2O. Additionally, this type of water is included in the procedure of cleaning and sterilizing intraocular surgical equipment. The use of distilled water is required for the final rinsing of the tools.

Distilled H2O in cosmetic production 

Distilled water plays a remarkable role in producing cosmetics and skin care products. The only type of H2O that is allowed to be included in the formulation process of personal care and cosmetic products is the distilled/purified kind. It must be free of any toxins, chemicals, metals, and microbes to avoid allergic reactions and diseases.

Quick ways to obtain distilled water

Water distiller machine

Distilled H2O can be produced with the help of a water distillation kit. Whether the appliance is home based or commercial, it operates in the same way by warming up the liquid H2O which needs to be purified by vaporizing it into the steam. The steam is then condensed in a separate container within the distiller machine to form liquid H2O again, which is then ready for use.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Additionally, an AC can produce up to 5 gallons of distilled water a day. To get access to the H2O, a pipe is fitted at the point where the water flows out of the AC condenser. The water that will be collected in a bucket through the tube is free of salts and minerals. Boiling the water afterward will get rid of the living microbes found in the room air.

A kettle and tap water

Another way of making distilled water quickly at home is to fill a kettle with tap water, heat it on the stove until the water starts to boil. Then take the lid of the kettle off and replace it with an upside down plastic bowl. After keeping the bowl over the top of the kettle for a few minutes, steam will be trapped in the plastic bowl. The trick is then to quickly remove the bowl with the steam captured inside and cover it with a lid. After a while the steam turns into liquid again, that will be distilled water.

Distilled water benefits

Drinking distilled H2O has a lot of health benefits due to it being free of microbes, chemicals, and metals. It helps to prevent stomach ailments. Ingesting Chlorine that is found in tap or bottled water is harmful to the human body. Distilled water is free of Calcium and Fluoride. Although these elements are considered healthy, in large amounts, they can cause kidney stones and other complications.

Distilled water is widely used for consumption, medical care, mechanical use, biological experiments, and cosmetics. Drinking distilled water prevents kidney stones as it is toxin and chemical free. In medical care, distilled water is part of the important process of cleaning and sterilizing equipment as well as CPAP machines. In biological experiments vaporized water provides precise and accurate results. In cosmetics it serves as an important health requirement. Owning a water distiller appliance, obtaining distilled water from an AC, or knowing how to purify your water at home with the help of a kettle, gives quick access to clean water.

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