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Whirlpool WHELJ1Whole House Water Filter Review !

The Whirlpool house water filter is an electrical appliance that specializes in removing chlorine and sediment from drinking water. The water flow of this filter is 6 gallons per minute. With dimensions of 10.5 x 13.5 x 34 inches, the machine is electronically controlled and has a lifespan of 10 years or 1,000,000 gallons.

Description of the appliance

Whirlpool Water Filter

Whirlpool Water Filter

This filtration water system is a convenient size and is suitable for home use. Unlike a lot of other water filters, it does not take up a lot of space. By removing sediment and chlorine from the water, the appliance eliminates the unpleasant smell and taste of water caused by the chemical.

The system has an automatic cleaning system that does not require a manual change of filters for ten years, after which the appliance must be replaced. The user can program and control the frequency and duration of the cleaning process in the Whirlpool water filter. All the filters in the system are cleaned and the system uses up to 5 gallons of water for cleaning purposes.

How it works

The Whirlpool water filter includes a carbon media to filter out chlorine and other toxins. The appliance includes a filter that also removes other particles such as sediment. Also, there is quartz under bedding that increases the water flow and the distribution of water. It has been tested to ensure that it has the capability of eliminating particles down to a size of 40 microns.

The filtration system is controlled electronically and features a display screen with buttons. The settings can be changed or adjusted.

The water filter system comes with almost everything required for installation. The items that are not included with the appliance are two 1*NPT female connectors and extra tubing to connect to the pipes.

Additional useful tips

This water system does not affect household water pressure. In fact it maintains it. It does not require cartridge replacements, as they are frequently cleaned and will continue to work efficiently for around ten years. The automatic cleaning settings are usually set so that the cleaning system will activate after 14 days, but it can be adjusted to clean itself more frequently. In case of installation difficulties, the system comes with a Do It Yourself, Kit, that includes all the necessary information and details for the plumbing task. 

Useful Tips for Maintaining Water Filter

Useful Tips for Maintaining Water Filter

Product Review 


  • The filter is automatically cleaned and does not require periodic cartridge replacements. Thus it is more convenient for the user, with less effort.
  • Fast flow of 6 gallons per minute and provides a consistent, steady flow of water
  • It comes with a one year warranty in case of breakdowns or problems with the appliance
  • Very compact, convenient size and shape. Can be placed almost anywhere in the home.
  • Cleans water thoroughly, removes chlorine and the unpleasant smell/taste in the water.
  • The filter has a display screen and options to enable the user to regulate cleaning and filtration.


  • It does not remove all types of contaminants. Metals, lead, and cysts will still be present in the water after the filtration process. For those who are looking to remove all types of toxins, this filter might not be the best choice.
  • The filter requires installation after purchasing. Might be hard for someone who is not familiar with mechanical processes. Thus a plumber may be required resulting in an additional fee.
  • Without electricity, the system will not work.
  • Can filter out only up to 40 microns, which is not a large size compared to other water filters’ results.


The Whirpool house water filter is an efficient electrical appliance that removes sediment and chlorine from drinking water. It is has a convenient size and shape. It cleans automatically and does not require a manual change of filters. It can serve and provide a steady water flow of 6 gallons per minute up to 10 years before it has to be replaced. It carries a one year of warranty. The appliance has a display screen and options for changing the duration of the cleaning process. However, this filter might not be ideal for the users who are looking for removing all contaminants from water. Lead, cysts, and metals will still be present in the water after the filtration process. For more information on the filter installation process and its' effectiveness, check out these videos. To see more reviews click here.


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